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Foie gras deserves every consideration.

Follow these simple rules to preserve that trademark finesse.




Raw Foie Gras

  • vacuum packed
  • unpackaged
  • 7 days (0 to 4 °C), wrapped in a tea towel

Semi-preserved or semi-cooked Foie Gras

  • in sealed cans , jars and containers
  • bread, shrink-wrapped, vacuum packed (raw or semi-cooked)
  • in pastry, brioche, or terrine shrink-wrapped or vacuum packed
  • 6 months (2 à 4°C)
  • 21 days (2 à 4°C)
  • 15 days (2 à 4°C)

Preserved Foie Gras

  • in jars or cans
  • several years (10 to 15 °C)


* NB: The shelf-life is indicated by the producer. For instance, 6 months is a standard period but this may be longer or shorter depending on the type of heat processing. The producer's indications should therefore be taken fully into account.